At Signature, spirituality is a ‘now’ solution to assess and heal spiritual pain and/or physical sickness with minimal overhead as a unique medical input of treatment as well as prevention. Nowhere is this better expressed than through the person of the Signature Chaplain.

Full-time chaplains serve in all of our facilities through bold listening, hope and humility, striving to meet residents, employees and family members where they are, at the point of their spiritual need. The chaplain serves not just as a service of prayer but as a clinical intervention of healing. Those who serve in our chaplain army may have varied career histories and educational experience – some may be Board Certified Chaplains, others may serve as pastors, ministers or other clergy members, while still others may come from the corporate or hospital environments. While their backgrounds and education may vary greatly, they all have in common the tenets of being:

  • Interfaith;
  • Non-denominational in their spiritual approach;
  • Unconditional in their love;
  • Filled with humility and,
  • Listeners to the Spirit of God

The Signature Chaplain does not “water down” spirituality but makes available a spiritual path specific for individual discovery while respecting the journey of others. At Signature, one can choose to worship or not to worship but has the freedom to be. Our chaplains work inside unending mercy, abounding joy and hope in miracles.

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