Nursing home administrators must have a finger on the pulse of everything going on in long term care facilities – which is a lot.

We’re seeking experienced and proven Licensed Nursing Home Administrators capable of managing our facilities’ business objectives while ensuring that our residents’ needs are fulfilled.

We’re also looking for leaders willing to facilitate a culture that helps fulfill some of our residents’ wants and dreams – because after all, living in a nursing home doesn’t mean you stop living!

For instance, several dozen Signature residents recently took a trip to Myrtle Beach – a massive undertaking for those who planned the vacation, but a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many of those who had the opportunity to go. We are seeking leaders who embrace that sort of culture, and who have a zest and zeal for ensuring our residents’ quality of life beyond ‘just the basics.’

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Jeff Stidam
Bluegrass Care and Rehab
Lexington, KY

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